Welcome to GANGRUST



Realistic World

You can pretty much mine, cut or dig everything. You can mine any old rock for stone, you can even cut down trees and watch them fall

Gang Warfare

Join one of the native gangs, or form your own crew, and fight for control of the islands! You will be given food, clothes, shelter and something to kill with.

Many Mods

Tons of features: Radar, compass, kits, a /help menu, real trees, fire arrows, trading, remove tool, quicksmelt, loot++ as well as English admins, 24/7 uptime and more... much more!

GangRust VIP Packages

Support a server you enjoy and get some nice perks in return!


Latest News

VIP launch promo!

To thank everyone for the increased support lately and requests for VIP, we bring you a 20% off promotion for […]

New Loot+++ Mode!

We’ve tweaked the server to include custom loot tables now as we should have done long ago. This will mean […]

Contest LIVE!

We pushed it back a day because of downtime, but it’s on!!! Get in-game and start hunting if you want […]

System Failure!

Lost a lot, but thankfully the Rust server core itself is fine! If you had a house, it’s still there. […]