Real trees

Actually cut down trees and watch them fall!

Radar & Map

Find everything more easily. Use /map to view a full-size map in-game

Gang Warfare

Join a gang or form your own crew and take over everything


Find all sorts of awesome gear in loot crates


Use /trade to trade safely


There’s /tpr to join up with your friends


Use /sethome name to set your home location on a foundation in an authorized zone. Use /home name to return to it


Enter /kit to see what you can get!


No ore mounds necessary, mine any rock you see!


More animals spawn, more realistic behaviour


Use /votekick to get rid of cheaters

Help Menu

Enter /help to see command menu

Remove Tool

Enter /remove to get rid of things

Building Blocker

GangRust is Classic Rust. No building with twigs! Because twig-building makes every build style useless except pyramid.

Raid Anti-Teleport

Plan your raids carefully because you can’t just keep teleporting more friends in for unlimited cavalry.

Fire arrows

Enter /firearrow or hit [MMB] when you have a bow equipped and low grade fuel in inventory

Long days

Spend more time playing and less time waiting!